RECON – Pup Not A Secret Life

There has been much talk about the recent UK documentary about the secret life of the human pup. Whist this is currently only available in the UK, RECON has put out a short clip, with some pup play occurring in downtown Sydney. The clip demonstrates that the pup life is emerging and is not as secret as the documentary suggests. Once I am able to view the documentary I will be doing a review…

Recon Video:


Here is a pix of me at last years Queensland Pride Fair day, the acceptance of the the kink lifestyle has certainly assisted in pups of all walks of life being able to express their pup side and lifestyles not just behind closed doors, but also in the public arena.


Many of the pups in Brisbane entered the dog show at Pride… It is truly a liberating experience.

PUP Ben DogShow

A big thank you to Kobi Cooke for making this possible….


Puppy Play Video


This is truly a great video made by Mr-S-Leather.

It is great to see pup play out in the open in a fun outdoor environment, it also highlights the new Mr-S-Leather Neoprene hood that is similar to their new design leather puppy hood. Those who read this blog and know me personally know that I am a leather pup through and through and I do own an older version of the MR S Neoprene Hood.

Why do I like the Neoprene Hood, because MR S Leather is really been proficient at the design and the manufacture of the hood, and the best thing about the neoprene hood is that it can get wet, so whether it W/S that some may be into, or going for a swim, puppy bath or pupping out in the shower, the MR S Neoprene Hoods certainly allow for this.

This allows the pup to explore a wider array of their pup persona, especially if your like me and love going swimming or having a shower with your pup hood on. The other advantage is Neoprene is so much cheaper then rubber and or leather pup hoods.

Check out their hoods here….

Pup Out Boys and Girls…


Water Pup

pupSpanky Logo Final V1.S



What’s it like at a pup play party?

Hey pups and Handlers and everyone else that follows my blog, have some Pawesome news from down south – Melbourne Australia where the Victorian – Pups and Handlers are really showing off the pup community down under… Well done to all my friends from VIC-PAH — Here is a great article I want to share:

What’s it like at a pup play party



Hope you all enjoy the article in the link above, VIC-PAH Rocks…

pupSpanky Logo Final V1.S


13This is a milestone in my life one that I will remember forever.

Those who follow my post, would hopefully know the following facts:

  1. I am a leather pup…
  2. SM-Leatherboy is my partner and has been for the last 16 years
  3. Hazy is SM-Leatherboy’s Sir
  4. This may be a little ambiguous, or not yet discussed, but I am now under training from Sir Hazy. This occurred over Christmas as I completed my first task and was accepted by Sir.
  5. I am sharing my experiences and education from a pup’s perspective.
  6. I enjoy partaking in BDSM activities inciting exploring and extending my boundaries and limitations in many of the aspects of BDSM, therefore some of my posts are about my adventures, experience’s, whilst others are educational.

So what has all this have to do with 13?

On Christmas Day both SM Leatherboy and I were invited to stay at Sir’s house and to spend the day with him and have a leather Christmas… (A post about this day will follow soon)

I have been privileged to go on this journey with extraordinary men; this includes Hazy, my partner – SM Leatherboy, Kobi, Dominius, Maximus and many others. These guys have influenced my journey and allowed me to grow as a leather pup. In all this it is my desire that I will be a better pup and one that leads by example and is a positive model for not only our pup community but also for our leather community.


I still hear you say, what has this to do with 13?


On Christmas day, I received my most favorite and precious gift from my man, (more on this in a further posts about my experiences and adventurers at my first leather christmas.

On Christmas day Hazy called SM Leather boy over and got him to knee before him.


I watched as Hazy gave SM-Leather Boy his new name… 13

2014-12-25 09.44.10 2014-12-25 09.44.20 2014-12-25 09.44.27


This was a special moment as this is a part of his journey, which is also a part of mine; this is a moment we both shared together.


SM-LeatherBoy is no more, from this point I will refer to him as 13 for all future posts.


Fact: 13 has been my partner for the past 16 years, I have the honor and privilege to share my life with him, to grow and evolve with him, even after everything I have done. I love him more then ever, and could not image what it would be like without my 13.


There are times I reject him, and those times are not truths as I would walk lost with out him, many times when I needed to be carried when everyone has deserted me, he has been there.


So on the 25th December, 13 was named by his Sir, from this day fourth I refer to him by his name. I enjoy watching the bond and interaction he has with Sir. He is my sexy man and I will and have always loved him.

2014-12-25 11.19.36


Dear friends,

In December I had the opportunity to spend the day with both my beautiful man SM-leather boy and his Sir – Hazy. This was a day full of emotion and meant a lot. It was his 40th Birthday.

2014-12-18 09.28.57

Now Birthdays have not been the best for him, and this is why this one was so important to make sure he had a good day. I wanted to ensure that he was going to enjoy him self.


We started the day with Coffee from our favorite coffee place in Brisbane. And onwards we drove to a private space for a very special session with Hazy. I not only felt honored but also privileged to witness the creativity of Hazy and to see SM enjoying the experience.

SM bday 3

The session included some rope work, needles with candles and wax, and also some caning and single tail. Sometimes it is hard to tell who enjoys it more Hazy or SM.

2014-12-18 09.46.04

I can tell you that the chocolate mud cake we had was delicious, and as I am a pup that does not kiss and tell, I cant share the whole entire special experience with permission from both Hazy and SM Leather Boy.

Matt bday 2

The day did not finish there, SM Leatherboy went back to have a relaxing day at Hazy’s where he did what he enjoys and cleaned some leathers.


After I finished work, I returned back to Hazy’s and meant up with my beautiful man. He was so relaxed and smiling, as we prepared to go to an event at QuAC where Boot Co who had granted funds to a program called happy hampers for happy campers. Our preparation was suddenly interrupted by a freak storm, before we headed out to do the presentation. The Happer Hamper program is designed by QuAC to provide a hamper for our seniors in our community. A project that brought a tear to my eye.


SM Leatherboy is also Boot Co. Leather Boy 2014, so it was great to have him there. After the formalities and the socializing we all headed back to Hazy’s where I prepared steak for dinner and had fun serving it up. It was a lovely day.

Matt Leather boy 2014

I had brought something special for him for his birthday, but as it was still being made, I brought him a Mr B Leather apron from Black Rabbit. The apron looks so hot on him and he really like it. Even though he did get it 2 weeks earlier. The pix below is of my man in his apron at a Boot Co night where it was his first night as their new boot black… So sexy in that apron.


Anyway whilst I was a work, a package arrived from Tasmania, and I received this text, I was so excited as it was this special gift, that was now his Christmas present, but it was great that it arrived on his Birthday. I took this gift to show Hazy and he decided to present it to SM – Leatherboy that afternoon.


You are all going have to wait to find out what this is, stay tuned…


Pup Out!!


Two more pixs from the session SM-Leatherboy had on his birthday.


Matt bday 2

B’day with Hazy

Hey hey,

Today I had an amazing day, I had the privilege to celebrate a birthday with someone that I consider not only a really good friend but also a mentor and a excellent Dominant that I have come to learn is very well respected by our local community. 😛 (And I knew this before his birthday)

Bday hunkThe next most puptastic event that will occur is this Thursday I get the privilege and honour to celebrate my partner of 16 years 40th birthday. The same person who I had the opportunity to share their special day with will also be celebrating SM-Leatherboy’s Birthday, with me.

On Monday before I was sent off to work I was humbled to be able to cook breakfast for both Hazy and Sm Leatherboy. However the birthday request was to cook break in a jockstrap. I was told that having my pup hood on certainly slowed me down, but everyone enjoyed breakfast. I was then sent off to work after a quick flogging with Hazy’s new dragon tongue leather whip. Hazy is a talented flogger and his aim was perfect as he cracked his new toy right on the bulls eye of my ass, this ensured a wardrobe malfunction followed.

When I finished work I returned to Hazy;s for his Birthday dinner at Hot Pot, mutable I finished work I was invited back to Hazy’s house (the Birthday Sir) and was allowed to get ready for the evenings activities in this shower, he also allowed me some clothes to wear. He thought it was a bit funny that I got all shy when I was having a shower.

Dinner was awesome and this was spent with a small group of guys with various kinks, before we returned back to Hazy’s place for cake.

I have to say that it was a paw some day and I am honoured that I was invited to spend the day with Hazy and other closes friends, I am even more delighted that Hazy will be spending the day with both SM-Leatherboy and myself on his 40th Birthday.

Pup Kitchen AS bday Pup Kitchen Bday

No birthday is complete without a lesson learnt by pup, and I can ensure you all that even though I was feed zero, well I wanted it, and tried my very best to stay on my best behaviour. A respectful and obi dent pup gets far better attention, including pats and scratches then a naughty pup…. but naughty can be the new good! – just saying….

Glamping Part III – The BBQ

Hey Guys,IMG_1822

So my final instalment of Glamping at Wivenhoe Dam.

On the final day at Camp It, we were delivered the Lunch BBQ – BootCo. boys were there on hand to do such fun. So in famous style I decided to wear my pup hood, jock strap and an apron. In my real life I am a qualified chef so cooking for 100 or so hungry, happy camper boys was going to be an easy task, and it was, before all the snags were eaten I had the BBQ all cleaned up and packed away.

Anyway cooking in barely anything was great, especially as it was hot, and the pup really did enjoy his camping adventure, with SM-Leather boy and his BootCo. Mates – Hazy and Maximus. And wearing very little got attention not just from the boys at camp it, but also the camp wardens wife, who was amazed to see a guy in almost nothing cooking a BBQ, wearing a pup hood.

IMG_2910Had a pawsome time at Camp It and; I so hope that I have the opportunity to cook again at the next Camp it. I am happy to say that Boot Co has been asked to do it again, and hopefully I will be in attendance at the next Camp It event, I am considering cooking in just an Apron and my hood.

Or just the hood.

The BBQ adventure helped raise $530 for Boot Co. Monies that the organisation raises is put back into the local community throughout the Boot Co Grants Program, last year (2013) Boot Co. By way of donation granted. $6100 back to the QLD LGBTIQ community and the IMG_2927committee is planing to donate by way of the grant program a further $6000 for 2014 and through our other mechanisms  $500.00 to community our community.

Hope u you all enjoy the pics of my Glamping adventure and hope to meet many new friends at the next Camp it and also get to know my Boot Co. Brothers that little more as we shared a really amazing experience.

And in Famous Boot Co. Style – SM -LeatherBoy, Hazy and Maxiums finished off the camping experience with more demonstrations on what you can do with rope.  Below is the Camp It Gallery.