B’day with Hazy

Hey hey,

Today I had an amazing day, I had the privilege to celebrate a birthday with someone that I consider not only a really good friend but also a mentor and a excellent Dominant that I have come to learn is very well respected by our local community. 😛 (And I knew this before his birthday)

Bday hunkThe next most puptastic event that will occur is this Thursday I get the privilege and honour to celebrate my partner of 16 years 40th birthday. The same person who I had the opportunity to share their special day with will also be celebrating SM-Leatherboy’s Birthday, with me.

On Monday before I was sent off to work I was humbled to be able to cook breakfast for both Hazy and Sm Leatherboy. However the birthday request was to cook break in a jockstrap. I was told that having my pup hood on certainly slowed me down, but everyone enjoyed breakfast. I was then sent off to work after a quick flogging with Hazy’s new dragon tongue leather whip. Hazy is a talented flogger and his aim was perfect as he cracked his new toy right on the bulls eye of my ass, this ensured a wardrobe malfunction followed.

When I finished work I returned to Hazy;s for his Birthday dinner at Hot Pot, mutable I finished work I was invited back to Hazy’s house (the Birthday Sir) and was allowed to get ready for the evenings activities in this shower, he also allowed me some clothes to wear. He thought it was a bit funny that I got all shy when I was having a shower.

Dinner was awesome and this was spent with a small group of guys with various kinks, before we returned back to Hazy’s place for cake.

I have to say that it was a paw some day and I am honoured that I was invited to spend the day with Hazy and other closes friends, I am even more delighted that Hazy will be spending the day with both SM-Leatherboy and myself on his 40th Birthday.

Pup Kitchen AS bday Pup Kitchen Bday

No birthday is complete without a lesson learnt by pup, and I can ensure you all that even though I was feed zero, well I wanted it, and tried my very best to stay on my best behaviour. A respectful and obi dent pup gets far better attention, including pats and scratches then a naughty pup…. but naughty can be the new good! – just saying….

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