The Golden Rules

Code of Conduct:

The Handler / Puppy Golden Rules

  • A Handler/puppy should respect others
  • A Handler/puppy should respect the place where they are
  • A Handler/puppy should follow the rules where they are
  • A Handler/puppy should be aware that not everyone is into or aware of puppy play
  • No means no, and safe words matter, even when you hear them as a puppy
  • A handler/puppy should be courteous as possible and take initiative to educate someone who is asking questions
  • A Handler/puppy should always ask for consent and in turn                                                         Always expect to be asked for consent
  • Being a puppy is no excuse for breaking this code of conduct
  • A Handler/puppy should feel free to say no or to correct  the behaviour of others should it impact them or their person
  • If you can’t play by the rules don’t play
  • If you as a puppy or Handler misbehave or break the rules you as an adult will be held responsible
  • Respect a pup’s personal property; Don’t touch or pull on them, their collar or tail without consent
  • A Handler/puppy should obey the event dress code(s)



Link: Puppy Handler Golden Rules

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