Name: Pup Ben or Pup Scout

Pup Name (s): Spanky

Identity: Leather Pup or Skin Pup

BDSM Identity: Boy or Pup

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Preferred Sexual Position: Bottom / Switch

Preferred BDSM Role: Submissive

Collared To: Un-collared currently under negotiation

Retired Collar: Dominus Dej

Relationship: 13 – Long-term – Open

Country of Birth: Australian

Current Owner:

Previous Owner: Nil

Current Handlers: Roustabout, 13

Previous Handlers: SM Leather Boy,Brother Hazy, Dominus Dej

Current Mentors: I have many mentors that I draw experiences from with in the community

Current Mentee: Pup Zeus

Registration Number: Not registered


Introduction to my story:


As I followed my journey, my best friend and partner Matthew, brought me my first leather hood for Christmas, I cherish this, and he also named me Scout. Scout has his own persona, and is similar to that of Comet, however there are some differences, Scout likes to hunt and is a very sexual pup, and identifies as purely a leather/skin pup. Scout much prefers Wolf Pup - Scoutto just have his leather hood on, harness and maybe a pair of Jocks. Scout can be timid and shy at first and avoids busy public places, like shopping centers and hates confrontation. However when he gets to know you, he is robust, rough and full of energy and life, making him a very playful pup.

Scout yarns to have set boundaries and prefers to be very disciplined – hence will do as he is told without question. However he as all pups will push boundaries and at times may need to n=be reminded of such. He loves both the outdoors and running water Scout does not really identify with any particular breed, but probably more a human wolf like; such as a lycan or something from fantasia. Scout is into BDSM activities, however it should be noted that the boy side (sub side) much prefers to be in that head-space then in pup-space, especially when it comes to flogging and paddles.) Scout loves collars and harnesses, and head-space is not as important as the sexual act.

Comet Image 1 copy

Police Puppy - Pride 2014Comet Is the pup your mostly likely to meet, he is the public show puppy. He is the cheeky, naughty and very playful one, sometimes even bratty. Comet is all about head-space that I tend to identify the most with. Comet is a Leather Pup, but also will wear neoprene. Just like the other pup persona’s – He loves water, and the neoprene hoods have enabled comet to stay in pup-head-space and swim. Comet does not like being disciplined and will do everything to push boundaries, he see himself as a free range puppy. This can cause havoc for Dom’s who are used to an obedient boy/slave/pup.

Comet is also the Blue-pup and is identified himself with the colour blue and will flag dark blue and wears this on the right side. Comet is very extroverted and outgoing and loves to run, jump and climb. Comet’s breed is that of a husky, and loves a good rumble.

The name Comet was given to me because I am a portent of doom and chaos. Apparently  I remind people of a big ball of ice and snow that comes rushing in at great speed, making a big show, and lights up the sky as I streak past for all to see, and then hurdles off into the night sky and disappears leaving a wrath of destruction behind.


Full Pup Bio

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