Pup Play Education

On this page you will be able to easily find links to blogs posts that are directly related to pup play education, pup play 101. This page is full of evolution and will change.

Disclaimer: The views expressed with in the link is the views of the author, there is no one way to do Human Pup Play. Remember it is your experiences and journey that influences your pup or Handler persona. You are responsible for your own research and forming of opinions. At no time any post that I write do I confess that this is the way to pup, the way I pup is based on my own set of experiences and interpretations of those experiences… If you want to ask me a question then go to the contact me page and ask away… Contact the Pup

Human Pup Play Education:

Pup Play 101 & 102:

Pup Play 101

Caring for your Human Pup

Pup Play 102

Puppy Rules of Property:

What’s it like at a pup play party?

Limits and the pushing of boundaries

Q: Puppy 101

Pup Headspace


 Leather Culture:




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  1. Hey all, this page will be continually added to as I grow the resources on offer here. As there now are so many posts already, I am trying to ensure those whom are green or finding their paws have an easy spot on this blog to find the basics information.


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