Scent Training

Growing up in in a rural area with Hippie parents I was accustomed to a range of different scents. In my teen years I spent a lot of time studying people, their interactions and their reactions to certain stimulants. I found an interesting reaction from most to particular scents found in essential oil ranges I had. These scents evoked nostalgic and comforting reactions in most people. This information would be filed away for many years before coming to hand in BDSM training.

As a young gay man I was thrifty and wanting of a scent all my own, not wanting to pay what I felt was ridiculous prices for cologne I set about mixing my own essential oils for a fragrance all my own. My mother had taught me this skill many years prior so it was a simple and satisfying task. Around this time I was also taking on my first submissive and found he gravitated toward the scent of his Sir. Even a hint of it would have him scouring the Melbourne club we frequented until he found me. This action led me to start into the world of sensory play above all other things.

Being a person based heavily on reaction, I have always strived to figure people out. To find what makes them “tick”. Sensory play engages something so simplistically beautiful; with this in mind I set about finding ways to heighten the experience for my sub. For enhancing his experience could only serve to satisfy my need for reaction. The first thing I did was research; find anything I could on scent enhanced play. Not being too savvy with technology I came up empty handed so I decided to call on my Aunt. She had been an experienced and practicing Dominatrix for more than 3 decades so I felt safe in asking her for guidance.

Sitting at her garden table I cradled a warm cup, I was so excited to be talking with her that I had downed my tea in to sharp mouthfuls. She told me of gym socks and gas masks, I wanted more I explained to her. I wanted to coach someone to long for a smell; I want that look on the boy’s face as he surrenders his everything simply because he smelt me. My Aunt explained that things weren’t always so simple and without hesitation I argued the point with her. For surely if you can train a submissive to become roused by the smell of a dirty garment or by a body odour then surely more was possible.

Little did I know I had already been training my boy. For if that smell led him to me in a busy club he had already associated it with me. He was unfortunately taken from this world shortly after that realisation and I put many things to rest for quite a number of years. Moving states and taking less adventurous lovers I focused on simpler things, I had put most things kink behind me.

A few years ago now I started engaging with my now boy, he had awoken my kink side through conversation. I started mixing my own oils again. I had found that happy taste in my soul after so long of only having a base of happy. I still remembered the mix for my oil, something was different though. People started noticing my scent everywhere. My hugs became a thing of demand, I thought back to my boy and knew I wanted to finish the training I had wanted to do with him.

Anyone that knows me knows I am all about my rituals, I like being a creature of habit and I take joy from my daily rituals. They give me structure in a world that can at times be all too chaotic. My oil is part of my daily ritual. Now with a boy again I incorporated him into my ritual after I have dotted the oil it’s given time to rest and only after this is boy to smell the inside of my elbow where I have just placed the oil. This has become an intimate action, an action that has become a central part of our trust exercises. Boy knows this scent so well that he can comment when it’s not quite right while I mix it.

Nowadays this scent has proven to be quite helpful, after training boy to notice the smell the simple ritual has become a daily part of life. It helps in curbing his bratty tendencies. I have also incorporated in into our play sessions. While he is tied down to the bed I will dab a small drop on his nose, his eyes instantly bulge as his head rolls back into the pillows and his whole body twitches then relaxes, sinking into the bed. All sensory play after this is heightened threefold for him, reactions are pure and thusly more satisfying for me.

Scent training is simple once you can recognise the elements of behavioural programming that go into and modification of habit. The one scent has now come to mean different things to several people. My partner will smell it and instantly feel love, boy will feel a sense of loyalty, and a Trans friend will get a nostalgic reminder of a home far across the sea. Coupled with simple actions used in training children, submissives & slaves and even in dogs you can take a standard scent and use it to help create a number of different reaction or even feelings.

I will warn to us a specific mix fragrance rather than a simple base scent such as patchouli as you never know when a scent will pop up in day to day life. You wouldn’t want your submissive getting all flustered and tingly in the office because the new girl wears the same scent would you? Any training can be a little tough to start but at the end of the day we wouldn’t do it if it was easy. For me that challenge is part of the fun of a kink lifestyle.


Original Source:

This was written by my Sir November 23, 2017

From Skout:

This is one of my favourite writings that Sir had written, 3 years on and his scent has an affect that allows me to fall into a submissive headspace very quickly and many times ensure the brat is kept under control.



The benefits of regular chores in a D/s

This task has perplexed me for some time, and is way overdue from when I was expected to have it completed. It really is a difficult task to write about, especially when life throws a few cure balls and stresses. This sometimes prevents me from writing or successfully completing writing tasks.

I am currently sitting at a café at Adelaide Airport after a leather filled weekend, where many of the Australian title holder family gathered to witness another brother become a bearer of The Mr. Adelaide Title – Congratulations Handler James. At this event, I am privileged to have opportunity to meet new faces and rejoice with familiar ones. Ms Sydney Leather – Bee is always an amazing individual to converse with, with her pup and husband Bruce. With privilege comes responsibility, and I had the honour to be given a private tour through one of Australia’s must successful professional dungeon space, by Mr Wolf. The responsibility is to ensure the privacy of such interaction.

I hear a few of you say… “What has this got to do with the benefits of chores in a D/s?” Well it was this very private tour and discussion with Mr Wolf that helped with guidance and grounding. Yet he was not directly speaking to me on my situation, but rather using examples of how various training benefits a D/s or M/s style relationships. Including the importance of having tasks submitted to either your Sir or Handler on time. Even if you can’t get such tasks or chores completed there needs be open lines of communication that the submissive can engage to ensure their training is successful. I am not always good at communicating when I feel I am failing at something. Also, when a task, chore or errand that has been set is not completed successfully or on time without good reason, there needs to be predetermined consequence’s – and something that the submissive does not like, as sometimes punishments can be that a punishment and a submissive may like to be punished…

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