Car Wash Adventure

On January 31, the boys from Boot Co. set out to help raise funds for the IML fund. Essentially this was to assist to get 13 to the Boot Black Competition and to create a fund that can be accessed by future Boot Co title holders to attend IML.

The day was heaps of fun, as the pictures below will attest to.

I assure you all the pup had a lot of fun, and really should not be in charge of the hose.


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Finally I would like to thank all those that helped and volunteered, and a big shout out to Number 29 for all their support and allowing us to use their space to run the event. Also would like to thank Sir for his support and encouragement.


Leather XMAS Pup Style.

I have decided to break down my Leather Xmas Experience for 2014 into 2 posts – This first one will be about pupping it on Xmas and my second will be about the special gift that I brought SM-Leatherboy. Both I will see will be relatively short posts as most of Xmas day I slept.

Lets start by acknowledging that not everyone are as lucky at this time of year, not everyone has friends and family to be with and not everyone can afford to cerebrate, and some people this time of year can be full of emotional upheaval and bad memories, whilst others its just shit. However we should try too sometimes stop and look at the fortunes we may have, sometimes they are plenty and sometimes they are not.

This year I was fortunate to be surrounded by close leather friends – not all but many, some were missing and not available but these guys are who I call my family. Do not get me wrong I am close to my family (blood relations) and they are dear to me, I just note as I get older my values have changed and who I call my family is a little different.

My man he brought me something very special to help me being who I am, and that is a leather pup.

When you think you couldn’t get any more of a leather pup, he surprises me with finesse, creativity and imagination with the gifts he gets me. This gift ever since I have received it has been with me many times and I have used it on many occasions. It is up there with the personlised lead that he brought me.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

SCOUT Comet Image 1 copy

Glamping Part III – The BBQ

Hey Guys,IMG_1822

So my final instalment of Glamping at Wivenhoe Dam.

On the final day at Camp It, we were delivered the Lunch BBQ – BootCo. boys were there on hand to do such fun. So in famous style I decided to wear my pup hood, jock strap and an apron. In my real life I am a qualified chef so cooking for 100 or so hungry, happy camper boys was going to be an easy task, and it was, before all the snags were eaten I had the BBQ all cleaned up and packed away.

Anyway cooking in barely anything was great, especially as it was hot, and the pup really did enjoy his camping adventure, with SM-Leather boy and his BootCo. Mates – Hazy and Maximus. And wearing very little got attention not just from the boys at camp it, but also the camp wardens wife, who was amazed to see a guy in almost nothing cooking a BBQ, wearing a pup hood.

IMG_2910Had a pawsome time at Camp It and; I so hope that I have the opportunity to cook again at the next Camp it. I am happy to say that Boot Co has been asked to do it again, and hopefully I will be in attendance at the next Camp It event, I am considering cooking in just an Apron and my hood.

Or just the hood.

The BBQ adventure helped raise $530 for Boot Co. Monies that the organisation raises is put back into the local community throughout the Boot Co Grants Program, last year (2013) Boot Co. By way of donation granted. $6100 back to the QLD LGBTIQ community and the IMG_2927committee is planing to donate by way of the grant program a further $6000 for 2014 and through our other mechanisms  $500.00 to community our community.

Hope u you all enjoy the pics of my Glamping adventure and hope to meet many new friends at the next Camp it and also get to know my Boot Co. Brothers that little more as we shared a really amazing experience.

And in Famous Boot Co. Style – SM -LeatherBoy, Hazy and Maxiums finished off the camping experience with more demonstrations on what you can do with rope.  Below is the Camp It Gallery.



Pup Headspace

A headspace is place in your mind where you can put yourself into a role that you otherwise would not fulfill. This is similar to the concept of self-hypnosis where you are able to achieve a higher sense of awareness of self and are able to focus intently on a single idea and suggest ideas to yourself that you might otherwise find silly. Just as there are many different ways to enter a headspace, there are many different headspaces one can enter. In other words, a slave and a pup may both be in the same gear, and be eating out of the same dog bowl, but due to the differences in personality, will result in them acting differently. Having experienced the power of hypnosis, I find that a feeling of security and calmness is the basic formula for achieving a suggestible state of mind. This can be assisted with gear like blindfolds, hoods, earplugs, or other types of sensory deprivation.

In my experience in pup play, I find that it’s not the gear, but the mentality which really makes a good pup. Sure a high quality pup hood can make a hot photo, but pup play is about the dynamic relationship between pup and Sir. For me, a pup headspace is achieved in stages. I first need to get into a submissive headspace. For me, I find bondage like handcuffs, collars, fist mitts, hoods or the like to help me become more passive (after exhausting myself struggling of course). This is where the concept of self-hypnosis plays a role. As a bound submissive, I start to tell myself that I am not in control, and that in all that matters right now is Sir’s desires and wishes, because I no longer have choice.
The next step is a bit more tricky, as the ability to enter and the process of entering a pup headspace differs from person to person. I find that being treated as a pup, being pet and being given simple commands and rewards is helpful in lulling myself into the headspace, but for newcomers, this may seem silly and unintuitive. The key is to place yourself into a state of deep relaxation where you can suggest to yourself that acting and reacting like a dog isn’t silly, but expected. Although easier said than done, once a headspace is achieved, a sub can be pushed harder and deeper into the role, and a Dom can have a hell of a lot of fun with an eager pup.


This article post describes quit well, in my experiences what is pup headspace, and I agree gear is not what gets me into my pup headspace, Though I personally find a collar or hood really helps me, the smell of leather starts getting me relaxed and into that submissive role, or even the feel of rope against my skin, or restraints attached to my wrists and ankles will certainly put me into sub space. However I do not require it to get into my pup head, as the author above found it a way that he does.

For me, it may be a stretch, rolling the shoulders, then relaxation and then letting go of my human side, a collar really helps, and even calling me by my pup name, will take me our of human mode. Just being put on a designated mat, that my partner SM-Leatherboy has commenced will assist me entering into my sacred space of pup-topia. I also need to block out the days events and stop thinking like a human does, so I need a clear mind, and this is achieved by breathing exercises, and relaxation. getting down on all fours. I find as a leather pup, the smell of leather starts the journey towards my altered states.

I also have to have trust in the person who is handling me and looking after me, that bond is unique and special to me.  The  Handler/Sir/Master has my submission in their hands and I have gifted it to them of my own free will and want them to have a level of control over my submission. The level that is offered is one that has been agreed to, and sometimes it is complete control as I drop from my human side to my pup side.

Pup’s Comment:

I have been so fortunate and blessed to be loved by my caring partner SM-Leatherboy he has helped in my growth and development. I would also like to thank three other great friends – Hazy, Dominus and Maximus. These four inspirational men have helped with my growth and my journey and have kicked my ass when needed and also allowed me to be me and explore my pup-hood.

I have many others who have answered my questions and even offered advice and these include Wolf, Gpup Alpha, PupBoss, Kobi and Alex

Adventures of Pup Scout – Kings Beach

I was a really lucky pup yesterday (16 Nov), SM – Leather boy took me to Kings Beach, just south of Byron Bay to have a small adventure on the beach. The beauty of this is that as part of my leather / BDSM journey I have asked that I include video to capture my fun and then share appropriate footage here on my Leather Pup Blog. So we took our Go Pro – Pup Cam was born.

IMG_2970I have come to the realization that this project is going to record me as a pup, weather it Scout or Comet. It is designed for me to share my learning, teachings, experiences and my fun or adventures. In the hope that others coming in or wishing to explore pup play or their canine side will see not just how much fun you have but also have access to my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I also wish to share the learning and eduction side of both the leather boys and or pup lifestyle, and BDSM theory and principals.

There will be time that you may not agree with what I have said or shared, but this is from my perspective and experiences.

Now back to the fun at the beach, I have included at the start of this post a 4 min video of the fun you can have as being a pup, I wore one of my pup hoods, as they are expensive I brought from Mr S Leather a neoprene hood purchased from Spunk’d in Brisbane. The hood allows me to go swimming and to have a shower and be a pup. Though I do not always require a hood to pup out, I personally find it really helpful, and also shows others around me that I am in pup mode.

As I was saying; we parked at the dirt road car park at the top of the cliffs, I could not wait to get out of the car, but was dragged back to help carry our gear to the beach. We walked down the long windy and sometimes steep bush track, that found its way at the base of the sandy beach, private and surrounded by bush.

After a quick run in the bush to do some exploration, I was called back so that we could continue our beach adventure.

We walked along the sand to the other side of the beach, where the pup was allowed to explore the rocks, the bush and finally got to cool off in the surf. At first I was filmed from the shore, before we attached the Cam to my head and I ventured back into the surf.

I had so much fun and was so happy that I could share such a wonderful and awesome experience with SM-Leather boy, he has been so understanding of my needs as a pup, and has been the main reason why I have chosen to blog.

I hope to learn from my experiences and also from my best friend, and partner (SM-LeatherBoy) as we both enjoy our leather / BDSM journey’s, and share the most wonderful experiences.