Chastity Re-Loaded

Hey all,

I want to thank all those that have made comments both through this blog and social media on the recent topic of male chastity. One of Brisbane’s GLBTIQ and leather community supporters has included one of the chastity blogs on their business blog so go and check them out in store or online:


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There is more to come on Male Chastity but here are the first two blog posts and you can also find it on the Spunk’D Blog and Dave94015. be sure to check out there blogs they are full of great articles and information.

Chastity Health, Safety, Security, And Comfort

Chastity; Myth or Fact

Have a puptastic day and thank you to all my followers and supporters…

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Hood Shaming

As I have already blogged about this please follow the link to my Tumblr Blog…

Hood shaming is Wrong and not what our communities are about… Any shaming is against the basic principals of the leather community.



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RECON – Pup Not A Secret Life

There has been much talk about the recent UK documentary about the secret life of the human pup. Whist this is currently only available in the UK, RECON has put out a short clip, with some pup play occurring in downtown Sydney. The clip demonstrates that the pup life is emerging and is not as secret as the documentary suggests. Once I am able to view the documentary I will be doing a review…

Recon Video:


Here is a pix of me at last years Queensland Pride Fair day, the acceptance of the the kink lifestyle has certainly assisted in pups of all walks of life being able to express their pup side and lifestyles not just behind closed doors, but also in the public arena.


Many of the pups in Brisbane entered the dog show at Pride… It is truly a liberating experience.

PUP Ben DogShow

A big thank you to Kobi Cooke for making this possible….


Jock Straps

It is no secret that I love Jock Straps, in fact in could be argued in many cases it the minimal clothing attire of many pups.

Why are Jock-straps so popular amongst pups?

Disclaimer: It is well known that many pups are submissive and many are bottoms, however there are many more that are Dominant and/or are Tops. So no way am I saying that all pups are bottoms or are submissive’s. And this post is for the boy pups as I am expressing from my opinions and experiences.

  • Insertable tails – A Jockstrap allows for you to have an insertable tail and still have all your bits not hanging – So idea for those environments that allow for partial nudity and not full nudity



  • It allows access for you Handler or Master to have access to your butt, wether you have pants over the top or not, this can initiate some intimate play whilst in a public space, like a gay bar, etc. or wear appropriate. Once again this is deemed by how your D/s is negotiated. 


  • Many Jockstraps that I wear I find them really comfortable… And my Butt is accessible…



  • When In pup play or headspace, and you may not be in full gear, your bits may get a little cold, I find having a Jock strap on helps keep them warmer and in place



  • A form of chastity, Once again keeping your dangly bits covered, removed them from sexualised play, so it can act as a form of chastity or allow control for the Dom if there is not a chastity device in place. 



  • If anyone has another reason would love get your feedback, try to keep it to pup play related.

Here are some more Jockstrap pixs:

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I know this is unusual for me to do such a post but sometimes pixs say 1000 words:

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What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?

A Primer on the Kink That Involves Puppy Hoods, Wagging Tails, Fetching Bones, and Barking—But Not Necessarily Sex

Car Wash Adventure

On January 31, the boys from Boot Co. set out to help raise funds for the IML fund. Essentially this was to assist to get 13 to the Boot Black Competition and to create a fund that can be accessed by future Boot Co title holders to attend IML.

The day was heaps of fun, as the pictures below will attest to.

I assure you all the pup had a lot of fun, and really should not be in charge of the hose.


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Finally I would like to thank all those that helped and volunteered, and a big shout out to Number 29 for all their support and allowing us to use their space to run the event. Also would like to thank Sir for his support and encouragement.