Jock Straps

It is no secret that I love Jock Straps, in fact in could be argued in many cases it the minimal clothing attire of many pups.

Why are Jock-straps so popular amongst pups?

Disclaimer: It is well known that many pups are submissive and many are bottoms, however there are many more that are Dominant and/or are Tops. So no way am I saying that all pups are bottoms or are submissive’s. And this post is for the boy pups as I am expressing from my opinions and experiences.

  • Insertable tails – A Jockstrap allows for you to have an insertable tail and still have all your bits not hanging – So idea for those environments that allow for partial nudity and not full nudity



  • It allows access for you Handler or Master to have access to your butt, wether you have pants over the top or not, this can initiate some intimate play whilst in a public space, like a gay bar, etc. or wear appropriate. Once again this is deemed by how your D/s is negotiated. 


  • Many Jockstraps that I wear I find them really comfortable… And my Butt is accessible…



  • When In pup play or headspace, and you may not be in full gear, your bits may get a little cold, I find having a Jock strap on helps keep them warmer and in place



  • A form of chastity, Once again keeping your dangly bits covered, removed them from sexualised play, so it can act as a form of chastity or allow control for the Dom if there is not a chastity device in place. 



  • If anyone has another reason would love get your feedback, try to keep it to pup play related.

Here are some more Jockstrap pixs:

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I know this is unusual for me to do such a post but sometimes pixs say 1000 words:

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