Car Wash Adventure

On January 31, the boys from Boot Co. set out to help raise funds for the IML fund. Essentially this was to assist to get 13 to the Boot Black Competition and to create a fund that can be accessed by future Boot Co title holders to attend IML.

The day was heaps of fun, as the pictures below will attest to.

I assure you all the pup had a lot of fun, and really should not be in charge of the hose.


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Finally I would like to thank all those that helped and volunteered, and a big shout out to Number 29 for all their support and allowing us to use their space to run the event. Also would like to thank Sir for his support and encouragement.



13This is a milestone in my life one that I will remember forever.

Those who follow my post, would hopefully know the following facts:

  1. I am a leather pup…
  2. SM-Leatherboy is my partner and has been for the last 16 years
  3. Hazy is SM-Leatherboy’s Sir
  4. This may be a little ambiguous, or not yet discussed, but I am now under training from Sir Hazy. This occurred over Christmas as I completed my first task and was accepted by Sir.
  5. I am sharing my experiences and education from a pup’s perspective.
  6. I enjoy partaking in BDSM activities inciting exploring and extending my boundaries and limitations in many of the aspects of BDSM, therefore some of my posts are about my adventures, experience’s, whilst others are educational.

So what has all this have to do with 13?

On Christmas Day both SM Leatherboy and I were invited to stay at Sir’s house and to spend the day with him and have a leather Christmas… (A post about this day will follow soon)

I have been privileged to go on this journey with extraordinary men; this includes Hazy, my partner – SM Leatherboy, Kobi, Dominius, Maximus and many others. These guys have influenced my journey and allowed me to grow as a leather pup. In all this it is my desire that I will be a better pup and one that leads by example and is a positive model for not only our pup community but also for our leather community.


I still hear you say, what has this to do with 13?


On Christmas day, I received my most favorite and precious gift from my man, (more on this in a further posts about my experiences and adventurers at my first leather christmas.

On Christmas day Hazy called SM Leather boy over and got him to knee before him.


I watched as Hazy gave SM-Leather Boy his new name… 13

2014-12-25 09.44.10 2014-12-25 09.44.20 2014-12-25 09.44.27


This was a special moment as this is a part of his journey, which is also a part of mine; this is a moment we both shared together.


SM-LeatherBoy is no more, from this point I will refer to him as 13 for all future posts.


Fact: 13 has been my partner for the past 16 years, I have the honor and privilege to share my life with him, to grow and evolve with him, even after everything I have done. I love him more then ever, and could not image what it would be like without my 13.


There are times I reject him, and those times are not truths as I would walk lost with out him, many times when I needed to be carried when everyone has deserted me, he has been there.


So on the 25th December, 13 was named by his Sir, from this day fourth I refer to him by his name. I enjoy watching the bond and interaction he has with Sir. He is my sexy man and I will and have always loved him.

2014-12-25 11.19.36