Pup Bio

Basic Bio:

37 yrs old, bottom boy. Into the normal stuff: sucking, wanking, getting rimmed and being fucked hard. Also loves, threesomes groups, wrestling and skinny dipping.


Bondage and disciplined:

  •  Into Rope play, getting tied up, restrained and being discipline. Will explore a scene with the right top. Have also done some role-play and corporal punishment – Military Style.
  • Have not yet been in chastity, however this is something that I am keen to explore, as well as CBT.
  • Looking to explore suspension and mummification.


Impact Play:

  • Currently being trained in the use of floggers, canes, paddles, crops and single Tails. I much prefer to submit to a Dom that knows what his doing. I am also a switch and learning how to flog under the guideline of experienced Dom’s.

Electrode Play:

  •  Exploring and advancing my fascination and skills in electrode play. Have experience with various devices and tools, love anal electrode play and will explore boundaries and have my limits pushed.


  •  Haven’t done much edging, but would love to be retrained and taken to the edge and deprived Cuming until I was allowed. This can be a similar experience with Milking and would like to experiment with this.


Edge Play:

  •  Have experienced some edge play such as breathe control, would like to explore;
  • fire play
  • knife play.

 Sensual Play: (This can be a form of Edge Play)

  • This can be my softer side, but also the darker side, Into Wax play, but also soft touch or hot and cold touch, sensual play is testing the senses, especially when only touch or taste is allowed. Adding a blindfold, restraints and even removing my sense of hearing can add to this play and can be mind altering.



  • I love having my ass rimmed and played with, however I still have not been double penetrated (DP) something that I would like to explore.
  • I can be fucked soft and hard and love to please a horny top.
  • Fisting (FF): I have had 3 sessions with fisting, the first two I was not quiet ready, on my third session I was fisted, it was one of the most amazing experinces, would try this again with the right Dom or FF Top.



I identify as a (leather) pup and have all the gear required to be a pup, I am handled but upon requests will consider playing or meeting other pups and or handlers. I get off on leather and love the taste, smell and feel. Will get down and lick your boots.


Other Stuff:

Looking to explore new limits like, rough play, out door sex. Wanting to explore deeper ass play, will explore FF with the right Sir.

Love group action, though I prefer to be a bottom and a sub, I can also top (with the right guy) and have a natural dominate personality, so if you don’t take control I may.


Water Sports:

Not really into water sports, prefer not too, but am exploring slowly, this will not happen in a session without prior consent.


Little bit bout me:

I am in a loving, open respectful long-term relationship of 16 years (as of the 15/09/2014). My partner is the most beautiful guy and is ok with my BDSM side, in fact he is heavier in his play then I. He is also looking for the right Sir/Master in his journey and he is currently not collared.

I am a chef by trade and am well educated, so I can hold a conversation. I have been told I am very outgoing, extroverted and have been described as full of energy, cheeky and a brat. However I can come across as shy, I am genuine and would prefer to meet then cyber, but also like good conversation. I am also generally NSA and not looking for LTR.

If you would like to know more about me then you can read it under my journey


NO Animals, Scat, Minors —- If you’re into these no point contacting me as I will decline.

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