Hey all,

Sorry I have been making some technical errors with posting, I think I found what I was doing wrong and hopefully this will stabilise my blogging.

The technical errors or Human Pup Error only affected Punishment Vs Discipline  and Headspace.


Pup Ben

2014-04-30 16.24.06

First Post

After some consideration I have decided to start to blog my adventures and experiences as a leather pup, and share my leather boy/pup journey.

A journey is a personal experience that allows for the inner wolf of the pup lifestyle to evolve, grow and to become a better human pup. Just as my personal experiences will shape who I am, so will this blog as I learn the different features and tools available to me.

I hope that those friends who follow will help shape me and sometimes even challenge my views, and I hope that sometimes even my views will challenge theirs.