The toll of being a community leader

There are people who enter the community in leading roles to advance their own agendas, many of which tend to do more harm then good and at times dividing a community, in some cases destroying the group.

There are many people who enter the community in leading roles and sacrifice their own agendas and sometimes a part of their own well being, these people tend to advance communities, but at a personal cost. A cost that many do not realise or sometimes recognise.

Communities have both these two types of people, you should ask yourself which type are you and what are your achievements and are they in line with community expectation… Cause if you have to look at your achievements then maybe you are not the later person…

More so in this day and age communities need those that will put aside their own desires and build the community for the better then for their own status. I hope we have more people wishing to build the community and an inclusive space, rather then doing something to advance yourself….

From a personal experience being a person who would like to build a supportive community with amazing volunteers has a toll, and its a toll you need to accept… You are judged, the toll impacts almost every aspect of your life, not to say there is not rewarding moments, there are, there are plenty. Its the toll that you generally remember when you are volunteering for your community or being seen as a community leader…

This dose not mean you should not try or should not give it your best, as any positive person that is wanting to do something for their community should be embraced and not shut down… Support each other and lessen the burden and toll of being a leader in your community.