Why do we D/s?

I like how the writer put this so simply… Yes BDSM is kinky and it is fun…

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

We all enter the lifestyle for our own reasons.  In the blogosphere, internet, and local communities you will tend to find that the reasons that people choose the lifestyle often end up being the “bonding” factor for people.  That is, people look more closely at those who got their along a similar path.  While that creates a shared sense of empathy and often similar experiences in traversing the successes and mistakes we inevitably make along the way, it can also paint a false sense of understanding.  “Since we are all this way, this is the right way.”  It’s easy to now picture a thousand voices in unison yelling, “there is no one right way.”  I hate BDSM cliches so much because I feel like they are easy to say, easy to be offended if someone challenges them in any way, but very difficult for people to see when they aren’t…

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