The benefits of regular chores in a D/s

This task has perplexed me for some time, and is way overdue from when I was expected to have it completed. It really is a difficult task to write about, especially when life throws a few cure balls and stresses. This sometimes prevents me from writing or successfully completing writing tasks.

I am currently sitting at a café at Adelaide Airport after a leather filled weekend, where many of the Australian title holder family gathered to witness another brother become a bearer of The Mr. Adelaide Title – Congratulations Handler James. At this event, I am privileged to have opportunity to meet new faces and rejoice with familiar ones. Ms Sydney Leather – Bee is always an amazing individual to converse with, with her pup and husband Bruce. With privilege comes responsibility, and I had the honour to be given a private tour through one of Australia’s must successful professional dungeon space, by Mr Wolf. The responsibility is to ensure the privacy of such interaction.

I hear a few of you say… “What has this got to do with the benefits of chores in a D/s?” Well it was this very private tour and discussion with Mr Wolf that helped with guidance and grounding. Yet he was not directly speaking to me on my situation, but rather using examples of how various training benefits a D/s or M/s style relationships. Including the importance of having tasks submitted to either your Sir or Handler on time. Even if you can’t get such tasks or chores completed there needs be open lines of communication that the submissive can engage to ensure their training is successful. I am not always good at communicating when I feel I am failing at something. Also, when a task, chore or errand that has been set is not completed successfully or on time without good reason, there needs to be predetermined consequence’s – and something that the submissive does not like, as sometimes punishments can be that a punishment and a submissive may like to be punished…

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Why do we D/s?

I like how the writer put this so simply… Yes BDSM is kinky and it is fun…

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

We all enter the lifestyle for our own reasons.  In the blogosphere, internet, and local communities you will tend to find that the reasons that people choose the lifestyle often end up being the “bonding” factor for people.  That is, people look more closely at those who got their along a similar path.  While that creates a shared sense of empathy and often similar experiences in traversing the successes and mistakes we inevitably make along the way, it can also paint a false sense of understanding.  “Since we are all this way, this is the right way.”  It’s easy to now picture a thousand voices in unison yelling, “there is no one right way.”  I hate BDSM cliches so much because I feel like they are easy to say, easy to be offended if someone challenges them in any way, but very difficult for people to see when they aren’t…

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