Punishment and Reward

This is an extract from a group conversation on a pup page on Facebook. 

Certainly this could be a good discussion point and what was raised…

The question posed is what could be the difference between reward and punishment when dealing with a pup?

Please note none of these thoughts are mine and were comments from the original post. Names have been removed.

Here is one particular comment:

Punishment works well when it’s something they really, really don’t like.. Being sat in the corner, left alone, forced to watch while others play and not join in.

‘Punishment’ that is really rewards. Unlimited possibility… CBT only the start… Forced to lick out the toilet to clean it. Cleaning boots, whipping, providing oral services to a line up of people, nipple clamps on chains that rip off if they stray too far… Chains around the balls hooked up to the wall so they can’t go far… Umm… My mind could go on forever…

Punishment needs to be considered on an individual basis as what is punishment for one pup, may not work for the other. There are countless possibilities and this is the joy of exploration of both the pup and handler.

Training usually involves reward and punishment of some kind, I’ve found. I assume you’re thinking about training for obedience? Then forms of reward and punishment work well to train for obedience. Pups tend to like structure in the confines of their headspace and within a D/s

Obedience training in Human pups is a great notion, as it will certainly set the boundaries and allow for fluid negations. This is always important, and in my opinion, it would certainly be a good foundation to a trusting, and longevity of a D/s.

Comments I always love

Now your teasing!


Have fun guys and explore and learn about each other and in particular the differences between pup and Handler head spaces…

What about other forms of training?

If your thinking of building pain tolerance, then that’s a different sort of training, and CBT is certainly fun, and reward/punishment is not necessary…


And finally it was summed up nicely by a FB friend:

…there’s even a lot of minor things can be built into the training. The language used when pup acts like a pup, posture while talking to pup in pup mode… Training actual dogs is about control, reward, and punishment. And I don’t see training human pups as being that different. If you treat an actual dog as a human, they don’t behave very well.

But when you discipline a dog and dominate a dog, a dog will normally warm to it and smiles and enjoys the fact that someone else is in charge, is responsible, and enjoys making their owner happy.
Similar with human pups… Depending on each personality. It’s still about control, taking away (or exercising) control over the pup, to relieve them of responsibility, provide routine, expectations, pleasure, and pain. So the reward/punishment approach, even with really minor things.. (Ear scratching.. Cuddles..) can be used to provide an environment that the pup can let go, relax and know someone else is in control.
It’s not easy, and every person/pup is different and reacts differently. So trial and error are good.
Allowing someone to surrender responsibility, to surrender control. And to take on that responsibility and control…

This certainly comes under power exchange and surrender of control, and I would argue in some or many instances this is a big part of pup play, especially when combined with BDSM experiences.

Would love to have a discussion on this and hear about others thoughts and experiences…


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2 thoughts on “Punishment and Reward

  1. I am fairly new to having any level of protocol as a pup. But I found a Letherman who is actually realy helping me and I believe we may start a dynamic.
    He has asked me to give reward and punishment ideas. I have no idea what kinds of rewards I’d even want.


    • Hi,
      sorry for the late reply, how did you do with punishment and rewards? Rewards are something you earn and want to receive. Bone shaped treats are always something I like, pup time, pats and scratches are all great rewards. Depending how athletic you are walkies with Sir is also a great reward. Feel free to get back

      Pup Scout


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