Tragedy Has Struck

I write this knowing that the latest news reports are saying that 50 people have lost their lives and another 53 injured in America’s worst gun massacre. While it is being called an act of terror, which I do not dispute, In short it is a crime of hate. A crime against our community. A crime against our freedoms. It is an attempt to prevent us from being who we want to be and love who we want to love.


It has been brought to my attention that four pups from our the international pup community lost their lives that evening, I am also aware that at least two men from the leather community were seriously injured and as I write this are listed critical. I am also aware that an ex-partner of a BootCo. member is amongst the survivors who managed to get out without injury.

It is difficult to fathom how someone can walk into any place and feel the right to take so many lives and injure so many, not just physical but mentally and emotionally. Any attack such as Boston, Paris, African nations, Jordan (the list is endless) is pointless as it is driven by hatred. But this particular attack was one that was directly against the LGBTIQ and Straight Alliance community. This in itself demonstrates the need for pride to continue, for us to have rallies and marches, to stand against discrimination and hatred, ensuring we all enjoys the same freedoms – GLOBALLY!


When I see people saying we should not attend Vigils my response is swift “yes we should!”We need to show that no matter where we are we are a united community, no matter what part of the world we live in, if someone uses hatred to take away our values, we need to stand up and say enough is enough. We need to stand against the hypocrisy of the US gun laws.  We as an International community must tell the Americans that the right to bear arms under their 2nd Amendment was not designed with high powered army style assault riffles in mind, it was not designed to allowed hate filled massacres to occur, at movie theatres, nightclubs, colleges and schools. Maybe the Americans need to be reminded that those who get killed or injured in senseless hate filled gun violence have had their rights removed without a choice.


What will win – I live in hope that LOVE will conquer the hatred that exists, and we will eventually live in a global society of acceptance for all. Unfortunately whilst this will eventually occur, I am doubtful that it will happen in my lifetime. This is the very reason why we must continue to march, continue to stand together and show society that our lives matter. We also need to stand with other minorities that are persecuted. This show of solidarity demonstrates that their lives matter just as much as the next.


Finally I am proud to be me, I am proud to be a pup and I am proud of my Australian Brisbane Community…


I am proud to have my family and friends, I am proud to be with my partner – 13 of 19 years and I am proud to be a part of my leather family with Kobi and Brother Hazy, I am proud to be cared for by my Dominant – Roustabout. I am proud of my leather fraternity BootCo. and my brothers as we stand united for the equality that we all deserve.

Orlando I stand with you…



Pup Spanky

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