Pray for Orlando

I was moved by a recent Quote by The BootCo. Brisbane’s current Queensland Leather Boy (QLB) 2016 and I have decided to share this on my blog. Firstly I would like to thank Timothy Roberts for his thoughtful and well written words after the tragic events that have occurred in Orlando.

It is with deep sadness that I offer my condolences to the family and friends of the 50+ members of the LGBT community that died as a result of this weekend’s shooting in Orlando, Florida. Regrettably, it is a sobering reminder that hate is still alive and well in the world, and that we have a long way to go before we can all stand side by side, respectful of each others differences. Nonetheless, I live in hope that one day tolerance, respect and love will be shared among all humans across the globe.

To the survivors: you are champions. You banded together to help each other despite the hysteria, protected each other, applied first aid, and most of all, comforted and consoled each other in a time of unimaginable need. To the emergency services staff: thank you. You risked your lives to confront the gunman and assist the injured. To the wider community: your support of our community, their friends and families in this time of grief and heartbreak is most appreciated. To the Muslim community: our hearts reach out to you. We understand that the gunman does not speak for you, and that his actions in no way reflect the teachings of the Prophet.

The events of this weekend will generate much political discussion, ranging from how we engage with terror to how we address gun control. To legislators, law enforcers and activists, please don’t forget the very real human cost of this event, and exercise the utmost empathy and dignity in your discussions.

Though bullets may be more than flesh and blood can stand, one thing that cannot keep us down is the power of love in our community. Look after each other, wherever you may be. ‪#‎prayfororlando‬

Car Wagh April 30

Tim Roberts QLB

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