Task 2 – Saline Infusions

Saline Infusions

Sir Hazy has set this task for me. The task was to research saline injections into the scrotum. I found that many different liquids including alcohol can be used, but it is recommended that Saline is to be the preferred liquid as the body easily absorbs it and does minimal damage. Saline infusions can be done on most parts of the body, normally scrotal, labia, hood, tits and cock. I have never experienced Saline infusions before, but on NYE I witnessed a gentleman experience this in a session. I had to say I was gobsmacked by it and was at times curious by also fearful.

When I was younger I had to have my testicles tied, so in some posts it suggests that guys that have had this procedure should be careful when experimenting with such edge play activity. The information for this post has been gathered primarily from



Scrotal Infusions

UntitledMistress Satet has done over 20 scrotal saline fusions, at the time that this article was written. Mistress Satet states that every one is special.  I do love the look of inflated balls, similar to a bull’s balls.

I am often asked how it feels.  It is a process that takes normally 30 minutes to 1 hour, which depends upon the flow rate of the drip.  The flow into the balls is similar to a burning sensation, many say it’s not so bad, and enjoy the end result, which usually lasts 24 hours.

I’ve known people who’ve done 3-4 litres. Although none of them started off that way.  With normal 30 minute to 1 hour saline infusions, the balls generally take 250mls each, totalling 500mls.

Basically, I only use 1 litre bags and you just take what you can. The price is the same whether you can handle 250mls or 1 litre.

Those wanting to do more than 1 litre may need more than 1 hour though. The time depends upon how well you handle a fast drip rate. If I have to slow down the drip rate because it’s too painful for you, obviously the procedure will take longer.

Mistress Satet explains, that due to being hooked up to a drip feed, you are somewhat limited to do other play, whilst waiting for your infusion to finish. What I usually do is feed the drip slowly and build up speed so it is tolerable, and then leave it at that pace for the remainder of the drip feed.

Many posts and articles do not recommend regular saline infusions for anybody.  Mistress Satet recommends 3 month breaks in-between (minimum) to ensure against salt deposits building up in the ball sacks. and at all times ensure that all equipment used for saline infusions are sterile items and well within the use-by date.

Some kinksters have reported that  men with smaller tighter scrotums won’t be very good subjects for infusion, Mistress Satet however has noted that she has not had a problem with smaller scrotums and find they take saline quite well and plump up surprisingly large. I have also read that men that have had previous procedures such as having their testicles tied should check or seek medical advice before participating in scrotum infusions, however these men can partake in cock infusions.


Why Do Men Do Scrotal Infusions

In Mistress Satet experiences she has found that nearly all men who do this procedure can’t resist standing up immediately after and thrusting their new enormous balls back and forth. I’ve also not come across a man who didn’t love the feeling from this.

I have also read that this is quiet common in many cases where both Mistress and masters have commented that their submissive’s love to stand up after the procedure is completed. One Master stated, “As soon as I finished filling my boy’s sack with saline he could not wait to stand up and show them off.” It has also been reported that sex the next day is incredible, with some guys explaining that it is like ejaculating a river. Men have reported on Fet Life that the saline mix seams to mix with the seam, so when they ejaculate, their cum is more watery, however it is intense and like a river when they do.

Whilst some men are more focused on macrogenitalism (the condition of having abnormally large sex organs).

With scrotal infusion there is also the psychological aspect of some men who enjoy the weight and pressure on their balls (as this puppy play kinkster noted “It seems odd but when you’re on all four paws, having a big heavy set of puppy balls swinging against your legs, it really puts you into the puppy mindset”), while others get off on the look of having really big balls.

But there are other reasons for doing infusion play. The main one is because it’s an intense form of sensation play. Let me paraphrase Anita- from Fetlife has put this best:

From the top’s point of view there is a tremendous feeling of power and control, of temporarily changing the shape of your play partner. I can verify this feeling, in the scenes I did with bratty and cowboy – I really enjoyed the psychological aspects of playing a role in altering my friends’ bodies, creating a situation that placed them in a constant state of genital awareness. You can also have amazing fun playing with the soft, heavy, enlarged body parts, which are incredibly sensitive.

From the bottom’s point of view:

  • Saline infusion involves extreme submission – to trust and give your body to the Top for modification (on the other hand saline infusion is a temporary body modification, you don’t have to commit long term changes)
  • Saline infusion has a tremendous humiliation factor
  • Saline infusion is highly erotic
  • Saline infusion provides intense sensations—big heavy balls pulling downward, big bouncy breasts, tight skin makes everything more sensitive, fun to play with!
  • Saline infusion is a form of self bondage, being held hostage by your own body

Are There Any Difficulties Doing This Procedure

Many forums say this should not be done or it is dangerous, even Mistress Satet comments on a time that she had difficulty, but generally speaking when the right equipment is used with someone that has experience there are no difficulties. Many of those who had difficulty were either using the wrong equipment of where inexperienced.

Doing This Procedure at Home

I have taken this directly from Mistress Satet’s article, I find when you find something from an experienced Dom, then you don’t mess with it, So I wish to acknowledge where this information is from and the link to the article:

Just make sure that you have thoroughly washed your hands (surgical scrub is best) and you disinfect the skin prior to inserting the needle. The more you wash and scrub, the less likely it is that you’ll get an internal infection. The infection if any, will be introduced via the needle. So disinfect properly. Never re-use your admin set. If doing this procedure yourself, you can use hand sanitiser to help clean your gloves (new gloves – never used), but ensure the outside of the hand sanitiser bottle is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol wipes first or you’ll just reinfect.

Those who choose to do this procedure on their own, can purchase items for saline infusions from Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

Note you only need to purchase 1 x sheet of 5 19g needles.

  1. Sodium Chloride for Saline Infusion IV Bag 1000ML
  2. Saline Transfusion Set
  3. 1 x (sheet of 5) TERUMO Hypodermic Needles 19G X 1.5 INCH (CREAM) (plastic butterfly needles will be available shortly at Black Rabbit Premium Leather).
  4. Disinfection – Large Alcohol Wipes
  5. Clean Field – Single Underpad 5ply 56CM X 40CM or Pack 25 Underpads 5ply 56CM x 40CM.
  6. Sharps Container – Mini (takes 5 needles), 1.4L Sharps Bin or 3L Sharps Bin (depending upon your sharps usage).
  7. Gloves – Microflex MidKnight Powder-Free Black Nitrile Exam Gloves (sterile gloves will be available at Black Rabbit Premium Leather shortly)

If you would like to learn this procedure, you can book a training session with Satet to go over this entire procedure.

My “private training rate” can be found here. Be mindful that all training comes with the “you do this at your own risk”.

Needle Insertion Point

Vas deferens: The vas deferens is a long, muscular tube that travels from the epididymis into the pelvic cavity, to just behind the bladder. The vas deferens transports mature sperm to the urethra, the tube that carries urine or sperm to outside of the body, in preparation for ejaculation.


The needle should be inserted about 1-2cm (length) of the needle to slide under the skin at a maximum depth of about 2mm. Basically, you go in almost horizontally for 2cm) and yes the bulk of the needle may be sticking out, but you just tape it down to prevent it from moving. I generally do 250mls in the left side and then put a new needle in the right side and do another 250mls to finish. That way its really nice and even. However, to stop doubling the trauma to the tissues you can do the whole lot of one side.

Stay well away from both the Vas Deferens tubes and the Epididymis as piercing it can cause sterility. This is the same warning as for testicle Needles.

Acute Scrotal Cellulitis

Most saline infusions take 24 hours for the saline to fully dissipate. Once the actual procedure is finished, there should be no pain. The red flag is whether or not you’re experiencing pain and additional swelling after the procedure. You shouldn’t feel any pain after the needle is removed.

Scrotal cellulitis as a complication of infusion of saline. Anybody suffering painful scrotal swelling should see a doctor as it can be a sign of infection.

References from Mistress Satet’s Article

Summers AJ. A complication of an unusual sexual practice. South Med J2003;96:716–17.
Bush G, Nixon RK. Scrotal inflation. A new cause for subcutaneous, mediastinal and retroperitoneal emphysema. Henry Ford Hosp Med J1969;17:225–6.
Love B. The encyclopaedia of unusual sex practices. Fort Lee, NJ: Barricade Books, 1995.



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