Glamping – Part 1

A few weeks back I had a marvelous time going camping at Camp it held at Wivenhoe Dam, north west of Brisbane.

I went as part of the BootCo Contingent, with my partner Matt (Brisbane Leatherboy 2014), Max (Mr QLD Leather 2014) and our club president Anthony. We were going to cook a BBQ and raise funds for BootCo.

BootCo is an association or club for men interested in the leather, denim and uniform lifestyle and is based in Brisbane. And every year the club offers community grants to the GLBTIQ community of Queensland. Last year the club donated over $6000.00 in grants and is hoping to do the same again this year. So all money we raise goes towards our community grant program.

Gamping – Well I wasn’t too keen to do the whole camping thing at first, but as Matty got me into the packing and getting the tent and gear, I started to become an adventure… Keeping in mind I haven’t really camped since I was a kid.

IMG_2859As we crossed over the dam on our way to the camp site, I became really excited, now if I was not the driver I would have had my head out the window.

As we arrived at the camp site we were greeted by 2 really hot dudes, who showed us to our camping plot, and also was so nice to lend me a hammer to get the pegs into the ground. Not long after we arrived, both Max and Anthony arrived in which case as a good little pup I pitched both their tents or swag (in the case with Max).

Even after a small disagreement which way the swag should face, I ended up realizing my error and fixed it, subs should listen to a Dom more often…. Pift! πŸ™‚


It wasn’t long till we were swimming happily in the water to cool down from the hot sun….

Pup Attack

Pup Attack

(Hoping the videos work above – First time using Video media – will be learning more about this as I go.)

It wasn’t long before the fun started with ropes, stay tuned as part 2 will show our rope fun and Part 3 will be BBQ fun that occurred on day 2 of Camp it.


Learning Word Press

Hey World,

So after much consideration and thought (about 6mths) I decided to do something I had zero knowledge of and that was to create my own blog. Just like my BDSM journey, A part of this for me is to record my experiences and adventures as a human pup.

Getting started was probably the biggest hurdle, and with the support of my partner and other friends who know about word press, – GPup and Hazy have given me guidance and tools to help me get started. I also contacted a friend who done work for me in the past Garry, but was not going show him the content.

I thought the best thing I wanted to do first is build the foundations of my blog site to how I wanted to have it look and where I wanted to place various aspects of my journey, this was laying the ground work. As a pup many ideas can scramble through your head, so I had to sort them out in a logical order, and clearly take advice from friends on the HELP phone calls I made inΒ  the last 48Hours. I thank them for their patience with the confused Mut inside.

Learning word press has been fun and at first very frustrating as it is a platform that I am not used to, but now as it starts to come together and is starting to show my persona I am feeling more comfortable and excited about this project I have embarked on. I am not always the best communicator, so I hope that this may be a means and a way to teach me to communicate better.

I am hoping that as I evolve as a pup, and I travel through my journey, and the path that I pave as a leather pup/boy in a leather mans lifestyle is at times will be both challenging and have it difficulties, but I will have fun and look forward to sharing.

I want to remind you that this is not a journal, rather a creative piece where I can use various media including PIXS and video to show my adventures, It wont just be writing, though there will be a fair amount. I also intend to share resources, writings and articles which I come across.

Also to my pup friends and new pups to the scene, I give you an invitation that if you would like me to research something for you, please contact me through the contact section of my Blog Space.

Yours in Leather

Pup Ben

First Post

After some consideration I have decided to start to blog my adventures and experiences as a leather pup, and share my leather boy/pup journey.

A journey is a personal experience that allows for the inner wolf of the pup lifestyle to evolve, grow and to become a better human pup. Just as my personal experiences will shape who I am, so will this blog as I learn the different features and tools available to me.

I hope that those friends who follow will help shape me and sometimes even challenge my views, and I hope that sometimes even my views will challenge theirs.