Adventures of Pup Scout – Kings Beach

I was a really lucky pup yesterday (16 Nov), SM – Leather boy took me to Kings Beach, just south of Byron Bay to have a small adventure on the beach. The beauty of this is that as part of my leather / BDSM journey I have asked that I include video to capture my fun and then share appropriate footage here on my Leather Pup Blog. So we took our Go Pro – Pup Cam was born.

IMG_2970I have come to the realization that this project is going to record me as a pup, weather it Scout or Comet. It is designed for me to share my learning, teachings, experiences and my fun or adventures. In the hope that others coming in or wishing to explore pup play or their canine side will see not just how much fun you have but also have access to my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I also wish to share the learning and eduction side of both the leather boys and or pup lifestyle, and BDSM theory and principals.

There will be time that you may not agree with what I have said or shared, but this is from my perspective and experiences.

Now back to the fun at the beach, I have included at the start of this post a 4 min video of the fun you can have as being a pup, I wore one of my pup hoods, as they are expensive I brought from Mr S Leather a neoprene hood purchased from Spunk’d in Brisbane. The hood allows me to go swimming and to have a shower and be a pup. Though I do not always require a hood to pup out, I personally find it really helpful, and also shows others around me that I am in pup mode.

As I was saying; we parked at the dirt road car park at the top of the cliffs, I could not wait to get out of the car, but was dragged back to help carry our gear to the beach. We walked down the long windy and sometimes steep bush track, that found its way at the base of the sandy beach, private and surrounded by bush.

After a quick run in the bush to do some exploration, I was called back so that we could continue our beach adventure.

We walked along the sand to the other side of the beach, where the pup was allowed to explore the rocks, the bush and finally got to cool off in the surf. At first I was filmed from the shore, before we attached the Cam to my head and I ventured back into the surf.

I had so much fun and was so happy that I could share such a wonderful and awesome experience with SM-Leather boy, he has been so understanding of my needs as a pup, and has been the main reason why I have chosen to blog.

I hope to learn from my experiences and also from my best friend, and partner (SM-LeatherBoy) as we both enjoy our leather / BDSM journey’s, and share the most wonderful experiences.

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