Hey guys,

This week I am going to tackle R.A.C.K, S.S.C and P.R.I.C.K

What I am going to do explain the 3 approaches to BDSM. I going to explore why and how I choose which approach. As this is an important issue it will take some time, thought and consideration so in my first post about this I am just going to explain what the acronyms stand for, without going into any meaning, the posts that will follow will be a more in-depth writing about the acronyms. I am hoping that their may be some discussion on my view points and perspectives of the three above mentioned approaches.


BD = Bondage / Discipline

DS = Domination / Submission

SM = Sadism / Masochism


Safe, Sane & Consensual


Risk Aware Consensual Kink


Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink

2 thoughts on “RACK vs SSC vs PRICK

    • Hi
      Yes it would fit any type of BDSM play, that is what the terms were coined. It has every thing to do with pups, as they are generally in either a B/D or D/S type of setting. It also depends on the approach that is taken by the individual and theses approaches can be used by both the Dom or Sub or even the top or bottom.

      Pup Ben


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