Glamping – Part 1

A few weeks back I had a marvelous time going camping at Camp it held at Wivenhoe Dam, north west of Brisbane.

I went as part of the BootCo Contingent, with my partner Matt (Brisbane Leatherboy 2014), Max (Mr QLD Leather 2014) and our club president Anthony. We were going to cook a BBQ and raise funds for BootCo.

BootCo is an association or club for men interested in the leather, denim and uniform lifestyle and is based in Brisbane. And every year the club offers community grants to the GLBTIQ community of Queensland. Last year the club donated over $6000.00 in grants and is hoping to do the same again this year. So all money we raise goes towards our community grant program.

Gamping – Well I wasn’t too keen to do the whole camping thing at first, but as Matty got me into the packing and getting the tent and gear, I started to become an adventure… Keeping in mind I haven’t really camped since I was a kid.

IMG_2859As we crossed over the dam on our way to the camp site, I became really excited, now if I was not the driver I would have had my head out the window.

As we arrived at the camp site we were greeted by 2 really hot dudes, who showed us to our camping plot, and also was so nice to lend me a hammer to get the pegs into the ground. Not long after we arrived, both Max and Anthony arrived in which case as a good little pup I pitched both their tents or swag (in the case with Max).

Even after a small disagreement which way the swag should face, I ended up realizing my error and fixed it, subs should listen to a Dom more often…. Pift! 🙂


It wasn’t long till we were swimming happily in the water to cool down from the hot sun….

Pup Attack

Pup Attack

(Hoping the videos work above – First time using Video media – will be learning more about this as I go.)

It wasn’t long before the fun started with ropes, stay tuned as part 2 will show our rope fun and Part 3 will be BBQ fun that occurred on day 2 of Camp it.


One thought on “Glamping – Part 1

  1. Hey Hey,

    as part of my journey I am learning HTML code and WordPress from scratch, and unfortunately the videos in this post did not quite work. So my next post was the video uploaded into YouTube. So now I have a gmail account, a YouTube account that is the same as google, very confusing but OK.

    So now I have learned a better way to do videos and I hope you enjoy em!

    Pup Out!


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