Puppy Play – A Dom’s Perspective

Puppy Play – A Dom’s Perspective
The Joy of Puppy Play, From the Dom’s Perspective

I’ve always been a dog person. And by that, I mean a REAL dog person.
I remember adopting my current dog. Bringing him home from the pound swaddled in a blanket. The nights spent crate training. Me, curled up next to the puppy’s crate, my fingers in through the wire mesh for him to nibble on.

So, it was initially pretty hard when my partner/sub wanted to get into puppy play. My dog is probably the closest thing I’ll ever come to having a kid. Transferring that to a sexual experience just seemed wrong on so many levels.

But then I realized something about my relationship with my dog that does transfer…and it comes from the basics of training. You see, there are two types of dogs. The first is the type of dog that, when you approach with a stick, gets excited because he thinks its time to play fetch or tug. The second is the type that cowers and growls because he thinks he’s about to be beaten.

I’m happy to say that my dog is the first type. And that’s why I have any disciplinary control over him at all. The only reason he cares what I say—the only reason I can command him off the couch—is because I’m the one that he’s always known that he can rely on for comfort and love.
In the world of fetish play, the great thing about puppy play for a sub is that it involves being subservient while still maintaining a sense of fun and play. You’re being humiliated, collared, and controlled while still having a weird sense of self.

But for the Dom, the great thing about puppy play is that the discipline gets to start from a place of love and affection—as apposed to typical slave play which starts from a place of harsh enforcement. In the fetish world of puppy play, it’s all about that first kind of dog…the one that wants to play and have fun. The human puppy who you can make balance a toy on his nose, but only because he’ll get ear scratches afterwards.
It still took a while to get over that mental leap from dog to puppy play, but the reward of adopting a human puppy is well worth the love.

And I still don’t let either on the couch.

Source: puppzz.blogspot

Glamping Part 2 — Ropes and More

My second installment of Glamorous Camping — or Glamping….

IMG_1823After a good dip, that I am sure, if it was not interrupted by that mean yabbie, I would have been skinny dipping. Instead Max and I paired up, whilst Matt and Anthony paired up and did some rope work. It all started off quite innocent (as it always does ;P) with both Anthony and Max practicing their knots – some sort of coin knot but wasn’t really paying attention. This soon changed to an impromptu rope display / workshop / lets tie up the pup. Oh yeah don’t worry Matty – also got strung up as well. It was the first time that Max and I had worked together on ropes, and wow he is brilliant and you can see how much his creative hands get busy when there’s a rope between his palms. Instead of showing you all the Pixs on the post, I have created a gallery for the rope work done at Camp it. As U had to leave camp early to go to work I missed the suspension fun that Matty got to do, I have his permission to post his awesome work or the work of Anthony. EXperience: The experience to get restrained (and I have been restrained before) is really amazing and I enjoyed the fact that I could be quiet and relaxed and allow the ropesmen to work around me. I look forward to getting into more rope work, including being a ropesmen and learning the various skills required to do the art of rope. And that is what it is an art, though it is still a BDSM activity, the art of rope can be just as beautiful and sensual as any BDSM play. The enjoyment and pleasure as a sub that I bring to a Dom, by allowing him to dominate me, and to put me into a submissive head-space. The bond and trust required to allow another person to do this in itself is one of the most amazing and calming feelings.  I still am yet to be suspended, and I am looking forward to the day that such an opportunity is provided to me. The feel of the rope against me skin, and the restraining power it has, to allow myself to let go, and allow the Dom to have me at his will and to follow his direction, is almost meditation for me, especially when it is all about rope play. Of course sometimes other activities may take place and other experiences and feelings are felt, yet in this instance I had the chance just to feel the energy between me, the rope and Max. Submitting and allowing a dude to use their rope art skills is beautiful, it allows the pup to rest and moves me from the pup to more the submissive boy that I also identify with. I felt at ease with Max and was willing to please him as he learned how to work with me with his rope skills. I thank both Max and Anthony for that experience.

Click the above image for all the rope Pictures.

Some Pixs of the rough housing at Camp

The Final installment of Glamping will be posted soon and its all about the BBQ — Pup BBQs some snags…

Stay cool


Glamping – Part 1

A few weeks back I had a marvelous time going camping at Camp it held at Wivenhoe Dam, north west of Brisbane.

I went as part of the BootCo Contingent, with my partner Matt (Brisbane Leatherboy 2014), Max (Mr QLD Leather 2014) and our club president Anthony. We were going to cook a BBQ and raise funds for BootCo.

BootCo is an association or club for men interested in the leather, denim and uniform lifestyle and is based in Brisbane. And every year the club offers community grants to the GLBTIQ community of Queensland. Last year the club donated over $6000.00 in grants and is hoping to do the same again this year. So all money we raise goes towards our community grant program.

Gamping – Well I wasn’t too keen to do the whole camping thing at first, but as Matty got me into the packing and getting the tent and gear, I started to become an adventure… Keeping in mind I haven’t really camped since I was a kid.

IMG_2859As we crossed over the dam on our way to the camp site, I became really excited, now if I was not the driver I would have had my head out the window.

As we arrived at the camp site we were greeted by 2 really hot dudes, who showed us to our camping plot, and also was so nice to lend me a hammer to get the pegs into the ground. Not long after we arrived, both Max and Anthony arrived in which case as a good little pup I pitched both their tents or swag (in the case with Max).

Even after a small disagreement which way the swag should face, I ended up realizing my error and fixed it, subs should listen to a Dom more often…. Pift! 🙂


It wasn’t long till we were swimming happily in the water to cool down from the hot sun….

Pup Attack

Pup Attack

(Hoping the videos work above – First time using Video media – will be learning more about this as I go.)

It wasn’t long before the fun started with ropes, stay tuned as part 2 will show our rope fun and Part 3 will be BBQ fun that occurred on day 2 of Camp it.